International Hachinohe #1 オーストラリア学部留学

Welcome to the first post of International Hachinohe! This series will be focusing on people who are involved in Hachinohe’s international scene, whether they are employees and volunteers for Hachinohe’s International Relations Association and more!


First I’d like to introduce my coworker, Ms. Sekikawa, who has been helping me with all of my Japanese and English translation projects since day one. I really don’t know what I would do without her! She has also lived and studied abroad, but I’ll let her tell you all about her experiences.



“Hi! I’m Sekikawa, and I work with Angelica at the City of Hachinohe’s International Relations Group (Hachinohe International Relations Association). Before this, I was in Tokyo working as an advisor at a foundation that provided support for Japanese university students and their study abroad experience.


During my 3rd year of university, I had the opportunity to live in Perth, Australia for one year, where I studied psychology, Asian studies, Mandarin Chinese, and much more.


Through living in a different country and experiencing a different culture, I was able to reexamine and understand even more about the country of Japan, Japanese people, and even various aspects about myself, which broadened my world view. I also learned flexibility, patience, problem solving, taking up new challenges, and many other skills outside of improving my English ability.


School was really difficult at times, but I always made sure to go out on the weekends to explore, learn, and create new experiences. Even until today, Perth is a place that is very dear to my heart!


International cultural exchange is definitely not exclusive to America, English speaking countries, or the English language, but being able to speak even just a little bit of English will enable you to communicate with so many people all over the world. This was one of the exciting realizations that I was able to personally experience during my study abroad.


As a multiethnic country, there are so many cultures that coexist in Australia. Living in this kind of environment means learning how to understand the different English speaking styles of people from all over the world, and this was one amazing way to experience multiple cultures in a single location.


If there is an opportunity, I hope more students from Hachinohe will take the chance to go abroad. However, studying abroad is simply one method of getting involved in international cultural exchange.


In Hachinohe alone, there are currently more than 1,200 foreign residents living in the city. Even if you don’t go overseas, there are still plenty of chances to experience other cultures. If you are interested, I encourage you to participate in the various events and volunteer activities that are organized by the International Relations Group and Hachinohe International Relations Association!”



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Hello! My name is Angelica Wang, and I’m the Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) in the City of Hachinohe. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, but went to the University of Washington, in Seattle, where I worked for about a year after graduating. I just came to Hachinohe in August of 2018, so I still have much to learn. To give a brief introduction, Hachinohe is a city on the eastern coast of Aomori Prefecture, which is located all the way up in Northern Japan. Hachinohe is well known for amazing seafood, and many other traditions as well as industries that arose from being a coastal city faced with harsh winters.


In 2018, Hachinohe celebrated our 25th Anniversary of Sister City relationship with Federal Way, Washington State on the west coast of the United States of America. It’s a city just around 40 minutes south of Seattle, and it’s a lovely place with the friendliest people. The City of Hachinohe International Relations Group, started this Instagram page (@hachinoheworld) to stay connected with our friends in Federal Way and Hachinohe during the photo exhibit exchange that we held in both cities.
More info on the exhibit here.

2018年、八戸市とアメリカのワシントン州にあるフェデラルウェイ市は姉妹都市25周年を迎えました。それを記念して、交流写真展を行いました。シアトル市は聞いたことがあるかもしれないですが、フェデラルウェイ市はシアトルから車で約40分、南方面にある場所です。 八戸市みたいに、人々は親切だし、風景もきれいだし、おいしい食べ物もたくさんあるし、とても素敵な場所だと思います。


However, we hope the cultural exchange doesn’t stop there! We look forward to continue the conversation between our communities, to discover our respective cities’ hidden gems, and to share it with the world around us. It’s a beautiful that our cultures, traditions and histories may be different, but this is what makes us all human. In discovering other cultures, I hope you will be able to learn more about yourself as well.

世界中の人々と会話をしたり、写真をシェアして、それぞれの都市の魅力を発見しましょう! 文化や伝統、歴史が違っても、同じ人間であることは、素敵なことだと思います。異なる文化を知れば知るほど、自分自身についても、もっと知ることが出来ると思います。

I’m absolutely thrilled to be the main contributor to this Instagram account and to blog any other updates as well. With the help of my coworkers, I will be bringing you the freshest content on multicultural experiences in Hachinohe, in both English and Japanese!


Social media is still an experimental process for us, so please leave us lots of comments, questions, and suggestions for what you’d like to see! We would love to hear from you.


We are so excited for you to join us on this journey, whether you are from Hachinohe, Federal Way, elsewhere in the United States, Japan, or from all around the world!


Follow the Hachinohe International Relations Association Facebook Page for more updates on our international association volunteer activities and other international events!


Angelica Wang
Coordinator for International Relations (CIR)
八戸市 国際交流員


At last spring has come! The cherry blossoms have bloomed, and so I spent my April chasing the best scenery from one place to another.

I spent the first weekend of April in Tokyo, where I visited Meguro and Ueno park, both of which were beautiful. Although it was crowded, the atmosphere was quite pleasant and the food stalls were delicious.

A few weeks later I headed down to Hiraizumi in Iwate. I have been to Hiraizumi to see the Buddhist temple Chuson-ji before during the fall season with its beautiful fall foliage, so I was very excited to see the temple grounds covered in cherry blossoms, but I was too early! Most the trees were still budding, and hadn’t opened yet, but fortunately a few had and they were very nice, and the temple of course was as majestic and beautiful as the first time I went, making the trip well worth the while.

Friday, April 21, I celebrated by having a small hanami party complete with friends, nihonshu, and mochi in Miyagi Park. The park was in perfect full bloom and the weather pleasant, so it was great.

The next day I headed to Towada City to watch the Sakura Yabusame competition that was being held. Under the blooming cherry blossoms, the beauty of the archers’ skills were particularly accentuated.

Finally, I went to the Hachinohe Park were friends were holding another Hanami party. It was my first time at the park and I was impressed by the wide green space, the towering Jomon statute, and of course the blossoms.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable hanami season and a safe golden week if you are traveling!


国際交流員(CIR)マシューのブログ(H28.12月発行 りんぐりんぐ57号掲載)